Bathroom Decor Blunders- Decorating a Bathroom Should Treated

Bathroom Decor Blunders can be a strange task to undertake. Many people seem to lose all their basic understanding of decorating when it comes to the bathroom and there is no reason for this to be the case.

Decorating a bathroom should be treated no differently than decorating any other room. So what are the pitfalls to avoid when decorating a bathroom?

Keeping the colour scheme simple is a really important point to bear in mind when it comes to decorating your bathroom. The bolder the colour the sooner the room will start to look dated and the sooner you will have to face the job all over again.

Simple pastel colours or really simple colours are so much easier to find accessories to suit and you will find that your bathroom furniture such as taps and fittings will complement this decor much better Bathroom Decor Blunders.

Be careful not to choose taps and fittings that are too bold. When fitting gold taps be very aware that they can look very overpowering in certain bathrooms and can just look totally out of place if not careful Bathroom Decor Blunders.

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The style of the taps that you choose can also make an impact on the look of your room. Choosing taps that look out of proportion to your bathroom, bath or basin can just look silly and can easily detract away from other nicer parts of the room.

So the basic rule has to be to think through your bathroom decorating project properly and ensure that you do the job properly and thoroughly.

Accessorising any room is difficult. There is that fine line between adding too many accessories and the room looking cluttered and not adding enough and the room looking sparsely decorated.

In many respects accessorising your bathroom can be a more difficult room to work with as there are certain items that you have to have in there to make the room function properly.

So what is the best way to accessorise your bathroom to ensure that it remains both functional and still looks good?

The basic accessories that every bathroom should have are as follows; towel rail, toilet roll holder, hand towel holder, bathroom cabinet, toilet brush and toothbrush holder. There are other accessories that you may wish to add but be careful that you do not overdo it.

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Siting accessories correctly is the most important thing to get right. Ensure that all accessories are within easy reach of the fixture that they are associated with.

There is nothing worse than having to reach for the toilet roll because the holder has been situated too far from the toilet.

Picking the correct colour and style of bathroom accessory is also important. Your accessories should complement your bathroom decor and if possible even enhance the look of the bathroom.

If you get your bathroom accessories right you can make a difference to the look of the bathroom, but if you get it wrong you might have a lot of work on your hands to try to put the errors right.

So take care when accessorising your bathroom and you should end up with a much nicer looking room than if you get your accessorising wrong.

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